Machining of medium and large parts

Cladding of critical components, Production of mechanical welded assemblies

Who are we ?

Our company is specialized in machining of medium and large parts, cladding of stainless steel or inconel critical components, and producing of mechanical welded assemblies.

We work for many groups, mainly in the Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Industrial Equipment sectors.

Our expertise is recognized for the production of series or unit parts, especially large ones.

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Machining of medium and large parts, all materials.

  • NC Vertical Lathe
  • NC Horizontal Lathe
  • NC Milling
  • NC Boring

Our equipment


Cladding of stainless steel or inconel alloys, with machining finition rework. Other materials on demand.

  • Cladding automated machine
  • Cladding Qualifications

Our equipment

Mechanical Weld

Production of mechanical welded, large and high thickness assemblies.

  • ASME section IX Certified welders

Our equipment

A question ?

Our sales and technical teams are available to answer any question regarding the implementation of your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us at

+33 2 38 98 96 96

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